ILLuminatED Truck Lights (AM)

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Is it easy to see your stuff in the dark?  Do you always have a flashlight or  headlamp handy?  Want an ILL hands free LED lighting solution for your vehicle?

Buy your ILLuminatED, Additively Manufactured (AM) lighting kit now


  1. Anker 10K mAh PowerPack (5V, 1A, USB Charger, $30)
  2. LED Strip w/Wireless Remote (3 ft, $20)
  3. Velcro Strip (4", $5)
  4. AM PowerPack Mount (1x, $50)
  5. AM LED Clasps (5x, $1 ea)
  6. Mounting Hardware (13x, $5)
  7. Installation Instructions ($0)

Installation Tips:

  1. Works great in trucks with Tonneau covers.
  2. This system is essentially wireless.  No need to tap into vehicle's existing electrical system (although this is possible).
  3. Portable PowerPack can also be used to charge your cell phone.


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