Apple AirTag(TM) Secure Mounts (AM)

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Finding it easy to securely mount your AirTag to your high-value personal belongings?  Are you able to find exactly what you need from other e-commerce stores?  Ready to change that?

We love helping customers protect their valuables by leveraging additive manufacturing to enable product personalization. 

Here we present some basic attachment mechanisms, but just let us know what you need, submit a sketch, photo, etc. and we’ll do our best to make a mount personalized just for you.



1. Program AirTag as instructed by your iPhone  

2. Snap your AirTag into the slot

3. Mount the tag and holder to the desired location with the appropriate fasteners



Styles: All purpose screw mount. All purpose zip tie mount, Various storage bins, double sided tape can be applied to back surface (we recommend 3M VHB)


Colors / Materials:

Sizes: Single, 4x pack



By accepting our items, you agree they're provided 'as-is' as prototypes for educational use. We make no warranties on their suitability or purpose. The items may not be suitable for certain uses, and any use is at your own risk. We're not liable for damages, and your use indemnifies us. No technical support is provided, and modifications require written consent. Read more here:




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